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In an endoscope of the present invention, while a cover indicator on a distal cover is aligned with a scope indicator on a main distal part, the distal cover is put on the main distal part in an axial direction at a certain insertion angle. Thereafter, the distal cover is rotated while being thrust ...

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A covered endoscope system according to the present invention comprises a cover and a coverable endoscope to be inserted into the cover for use. Herein, an optical filter is mounted in the distal part of a cover abutting on the front of an observation optical system of the coverable endoscope.

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In apparatus for stripping receptor paper away from the photosensitive drum of an electrophotographic machine after transfer printing, there are provided a stripping roller having a frictional band near its one end and urged against the photosensitive drum, and a stripping pawl having a pointed end ...

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An endoscope has a channel switching device for use in switching over a suction channel. The channel switching device consists broadly of a cylinder unit and valve unit. The valve unit can be disassembled into three component parts; a button assembly, piston assembly, and mount assembly. The button ...

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A line changeover device for an endoscope, which changes over a line which is arranged in the endoscope, is arranged such that it comprises a cylinder and a piston which is fitted and inserted into the cylinder in a retractable manner, a seal member which is abutted against the cylinder for retainin ...

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An endoscope system in accordance with the present invention comprises: an endoscope having an insertional part, operation unit, and connector unit set in array, and including channels that communicate with an opening formed in the distal section of the insertional part and an opening formed in the ...

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An image forming apparatus to prevent that the reception operation is interrupted. The image forming apparatus having a cassette for storing sheets, detecting member for detecting the quantity of sheets in the cassette, recording portion for recording images on a sheet, and controler for prohibiting ...

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A surgical instrument having a surgical unit which operates on an operating portion in a body cavity, an accommodation portion capable of accommodating the surgical unit. The surgical instrument having movement manipulation mechanism connected to the surgical unit for moving the surgical unit to a p ...

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An insertion support tool which is detachably attached to a large-intestine endoscope including an elongated inserting portion which is inserted into a lumen is provided, and an external sheath which is extendable and contractible in an inserting direction of the inserting portion and a cover member ...

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An endoscopic treatment instrument includes: a long tube body to be inserted into a body cavity, including a flexible member; a first bending portion provided to a distal end part of the tube body, for bending the tube body with respect to an axial direction; a second bending portion provided in a l ...