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A label printer performs recording on a roll label comprising a number of label sheets bonded in succession on a release sheet. The printer utilizes an ink jet method to attain a smaller size and to print information accurately. The printer comprises a conveyance section for conveying the label roll ...

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A mixture selected from the group consisting of (1) gelatin and tropomyosin and/or tropomyosin peptides, (2) gelatin and paramyosin, and (3) troponin and tropomyosin and/or tropomyosin peptides, which when combined with a low-molecular weight fraction of natural extracts, and heated in water, impart ...

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There is provided a food and drink having a reduced oil, fat, or sugar content yet retaining good gelation properties and good organoleptic properties, etc. A part of or the whole of gelation materials, low calorie sugars and/or oils and fats is/are replaced with polyfructan.

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A liquid jet recording apparatus is structured to enable recording liquid to circulate by conductively connecting the recording head for discharging recording liquid and means for retaining recording liquid through a forwarding path for recording liquid to flow into the head and a returning path for ...

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The present invention is to reduce power consumption in a display that concurrently (or alternately) implements light emission and light reception in parallel. A display is provided with a display panel configuration including a plurality of display elements arranged in a matrix and a plurality of l ...

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A method for producing a compact of rare earth alloy powder of the present invention includes: a powder-filling step of filling rare earth allow powder in a cavity formed by inserting a lower punch into a through hall of a die of a powder compacting machine; and a compression step of pressing the ra ...

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A refractory for use in casting of molten metal which essentially comprises refractory material comprising corundum and monoclinic zirconia as principal mineral phase and including Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 and ZrO.sub.2, silicon-containing powder and carbon-containing powder and which optionally includes fi ...

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A hosiery, whose shape is quite similar to that of a foot of a man and which never presses the big toe, the hosiery includes a cylindrical section; a toe section being forwardly extended from a front end of the cylindrical section, wherein a front tip point of the toe section is located on a big toe ...

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The present invention provides a composition alleviated in a bitter taste or the like of a medicament. The present invention relates to a composition comprising a basic medicament having an unpleasant taste and polyvinylpyrrolidone and/or copolyvidone; or a method for alleviating an unpleasant taste ...

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A recording apparatus for recording data on a recording medium including a recording device capable of moving along a passage through which a recording medium passes and recording data on the recording medium; a conveyance device for conveying the recording medium; a moving device for moving the rec ...