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An endoscope includes a slender insertion section of which the distal portion incorporates an image capturing device, and the back end of this insertion section is provided with an operating section to be gripped. A cable section is provided wherein a light guide cable for transmitting illumination ...

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A compound of the formula : wherein R is aryl which may be substituted with substituent(s) selected from the group consisting of lower alkyl, halogen, lower alkoxy, lower alkylthio, lower alkylsulfinyl, lower alkylsulfonyl, hydroxy, lower alkylsulfonyloxy, nitro, amino, lower alkylamino, acylamino a ...

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A compound of the formula : wherein R is aryl which is substituted with substituent(s) selected from the group consisting of lower alkylthio, cyclo(lower)alkyl, hydroxy, hydroxy(lower)alkyl, cyano, lower alkylenedioxy, acyl, acyloxy, aryloxy and lower alkoxy optionally substituted with acyl or lower ...

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An objective optical system is provided at a tip end portion of an insertion portion of an endoscope. A marker capable of transmitting an electromagnetic wave is placed at a target portion in an affected area and the like. At the rear end or the tip end portion of the insertion portion of the endosc ...

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A coumpound of the formula: wherein R and R are each hydrogen, halogen, aryl, lower alkyl, halo(lower)alkyl or nitro, R is lower alkylene, R and R are each lower alkylene, X is CH or N Y is S, O, NH, C=N-OH or CO, Z is O or NH, and A is hydrogen, nitroso, amidino, a group of the formula: or a group ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a fogging preventing device for an endoscope having an excellent fogging preventing effect against vapor generated from a living body under the environment of a humid state inside a celom when inserting the endoscope into the celom, and the endoscope.SOLUTION: The fo ...

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An endoscope having at the tip of its inserting section a detecting device (22) for detecting physical or chemical changes allows transmission of signals from the detecting device (22) without requiring a dedicated signal line for this detecting device. For example, an electronic endoscope apparatus ...

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A compound of the formula: wherein R2 is halo(lower)alkyl, and R6 is amino or protected amino, its reactive derivative at the carboxy group or its lower alkyl ester, is disclosed, having utility as an intermediate for producing cephems or cephams.


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New Cephem compounds of the formula wherein R is amino or protected amino, A is lower alkylene which may be substituted with oxo, hydroxy, amino, protected hydroxy or protected amino, R is hydrogen, halogen or hydroxy, and R is carboxy or functionally modified carboxy, its nontoxic, pharmaceutically ...