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A reverse circulating device which supplies flowing carrier fluids and returns flowing fluids through a fluid conduit or string to efficiently and speedily remove the carrier fluids by providing a return conduit of less cross sectional flow area than that of the conduit or string through which the f ...

Tschirky John E: Segmented stator for progressive cavity transducer. Smith International, October 14, 1975: US3912426 (42 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to progressing cavity fluid motors with multiple segmented stator elements connected in series to provide a fluid passageway from the input to initial stator of the series to the terminal stator of the series; the rotor elements in each stator are connected together for simult ...

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Drill string orienting apparatus for nonrotating drill strings equipped with down hole motors, the orienting apparatus preferably being located between the lower portion of the motor and the bit sub and having a laterally projecting portion engageable with the hole formation to bias the bit directio ...

Tschirky John E: In-hole motors. Smith International, July 15, 1975: US3894818 (37 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to in-hole motors in which thrust bearings are provided with means to lubricate the bearings employing pressure balanced seals. The preferred embodiment includes the application of such sealed bearings to progressing cavity motors for use in drilling operations.

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This invention relates to hard metal radial bearings particularly suitable in connection with thrust bearings which are lubricated by erosive fluids passing through the radial bearings as are employed in down-hole drilling motors.