MacIsaac Jr John T, Troy James E: Tufted pile fabrics and method of making same. Fieldcrest Mills, March 27, 1973: US3722442 (12 worldwide citation)

A tufted pile fabric and method of making the same in which rows of pile tufts are formed extending upwardly from the upper face of a backing fabric or base and have lower bights at least partially positioned above the plane of the lower face of the backing fabric to permit use of less pile yarn for ...

MacIsaac Jr John T, Troy James E: Apparatus for making tufted fabrics. Fieldcrest Mills, July 18, 1972: US3677206 (9 worldwide citation)

The apparatus includes cooperating tufting needles, pile formers and latch needles for forming pile tufts on a backing fabric while positioning small locking threads through lower bight portions on the tufts being formed to secure them to the backing fabric. To permit the use of less pile yarn for o ...

Troy James E: Knit pile carpet fabric. Fieldcrest Mills, May 15, 1973: US3732708 (8 worldwide citation)

A warp knit pile fabric and method of making the same wherein a base fabric is formed from spaced rows of warpwise extending chain stitches interconnected by laid in weft yarns, and through which chain stitches pile yarns are looped in overlying relation to the laid in weft yarns. Ribbon-like strand ...

Troy James E: Fabrics with intricate pile arrangements. Fieldcrest Mills, December 7, 1971: US3625260 (4 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to a variety of fabrics in which sets of warpwise extending pile yarns, preferably of different visual characteristics, extend weftwise over one or more groups of ground warp yarns to form warpwise rows of pile in the form of straight or oblique lines of pile, with the pil ...

Troy James E, MacIsaac Jr John T: Apparatus and method for weaving fabric with intricate pile formations. Fieldcrest Mills, January 25, 1972: US3636988 (3 worldwide citation)

Utilizing the principle of shogging pile yarns above and across warpwise extending pile formers or wires in the weaving of pile fabrics this invention is directed to a method and apparatus in which a plurality of weftwise rows of vertically movable and weftwise movable pile yarn guides are employed ...