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An electric motor-controlled device having elements corresponding to human appendages, the elements being manually movable to perform a function recorded on tape, the elements thereafter repeating the function in response to repeated playbacks of the tape.

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There is disclosed an apparatus, which is located at a subscriber equipment installation, for remotely disconnecting the subscriber equipment from the subscriber line and its associated central office equipment to facilitate testing of the central office equipment. The apparatus comprises a means fo ...

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A subscriber long line extender for use in the subscriber loop of a telephone network to extend the operating limits for the subscriber lines connecting a subscriber telephone to the central office equipment and the central office voltage source comprising a signalling circuit which is operably conn ...

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A direct current electrical motor haVing a commutator formed of conductor elements and spaced rings thereon with first brushes engaging the elements and additional brushes engaging the rings; the method of operating a direct current motor which involves delivering direct current pulses to some commu ...