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Injectable aqueous composition intended for opacifying certain organs with a view to examination by X-rays. This composition is based on liposomes containing, encapsulated therein, an aqueous solution of an iodinated opacifying agent. The ratio between the weight of iodine encapsulated by the liposo ...

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Suspensions of either echogenic or magnetic particles in aqueous bioadhesive carriers effectively improve imaging by echography, respectively NMRI, of the digestive tract. Affinity of the compositions for the gastric mucosa can be adapted to the needs by appropriately selecting the carrier in functi ...

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1. An oil consisting essentially of oleyl erucylate and/or erucyl oleate, characterized in that it contains erucyl erucylate and/or oleyl oleate, in % by weight : oleyl erucylate and/or erucyl oleate 33 to 76% erucyl erucylate 0 to 18% oleyl oleate 15 to 35%


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A biocide and a binder, the latter permitting a controlled salting-out of the biocide in the water retained by the pores of the sponge, are made to precipitate simultaneously in the pores of the sponge.

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1. Process for the treatment of liquid products of mineral oil origin containing sulphur and/or halogens for the obtaining of essentially liquid products free of sulphur and/or halogens, characterised in that one carries out a pyrolysis in a molten salt bath essentially free of water and consisting ...

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La présente invention a notamment pour objet un procédé pour le lavage et le blanchiment de matières textiles. Le procédé selon l'invention, qui est opéré au moyen d'un bain lessiviel aqueux contenant une composition détergente substantiellement dépourvue d'agent de blanchiment, se caractérise par l ...

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Cette machine à laver est pourvue d'une cellule électrochimique (4) munie d'un réservoir de saumure (9) pourvu d'un piston doseur (16a, 16b) actionné par un électro-aimant (21) et reliée par une électro-vanne (14) contrôlant un conduit de liaison (3) à un conduit d'alimentation en eau (1). L'ouvertu ...