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A silicon layer provided in a silicon substrate through a buried oxide film includes a silicon island partitioned by a trench. A surface of the silicon island in the trench is covered with a side wall oxide film, and LDMOS transistors are formed in the trench. A first impurity-doped polysilicon laye ...

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A semiconductor device of SOI structure exhibits a excellent heat-radiating characteristic while assuring breakdown-voltage and element-isolating performance. A buried silicon oxide film having a thickness required by the breakdown-voltage of a semiconductor element is buried between a SOI layer and ...


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A semiconductor device has a dielectric strength for a gate oxide film at a trench bottom that is higher than that of side walls used for channels. An n

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In a trench-gate type power MOSFET in which a gate electrode is formed on a gate oxide layer formed on a surface of a wall defining a trench, the trench is annealed by heating, for example, at the temperature between 1050° C. and 1150° C. in a hydrogen atmosphere before the gate oxide layer is forme ...

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A silicon carbide power device includes a junction field effect transistor and a protective diode, which is a Zener or PN junction diode. The PN junction of the protective diode has a breakdown voltage lower than the PN junction of the transistor. Another silicon carbide power device includes a prot ...

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A semiconductor device arrangement includes a plurality of three-dimensional semiconductor units. Each of the three-dimensional semiconductor units includes a semiconductor chip in a shape of a rectangular parallelepiped having six surfaces, and semiconductor devices formed on at least one among the ...


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A SiC semiconductor device includes: a SiC substrate having a drain layer, a drift layer and a source layer stacked in this order; multiple trenches penetrating the source layer and reaching the drift layer; a gate layer on a sidewall of each trench; an insulation film on the sidewall of each trench ...

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An information device operation apparatus includes an image capturing device, an illumination device, a controller, image storage device, operation object extracting device, detection device, and signal output device. The image storage device stores a plurality of images that are acquired by the ima ...