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A mounting support device allows workpieces to be attached at points intermediate between discrete positions of fixture bases of machine tools. The mounting support device has three support members. A lower support member is slidably attached to an intermediate member allowing the intermediate membe ...

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A semiconductor device in which the lifetime of mounted components can be prolonged. A cooling system for controlling the temperature of a refrigerant through a heating section and a radiator is provided. The semiconductor device is connected to the cooling system and is cooled. A variation width (Δ ...

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A voltage boosting circuit includes a plurality of unit circuits provided in parallel, and a control unit. Each of the plurality of unit circuits includes a charge capacitor connected to an anode of a rectifying element at one end and to a discharge control signal at the other end, and a charge tran ...

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In a nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, a nonvolatile counter is provided to store a number of erasing operations. A time period of a writing operation upon a memory cell is changed in accordance with the number of erasing operations. Also, a time period of an erasing operation upon memory cel ...

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A color image forming apparatus capable of efficiently sensing a color deviation and accurately correcting for it is disclosed. The apparatus includes mark sensing device for sensing register marks on a conveyor belt for determining deviations between colors, a first storage device for storing data ...

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A topical composition for treating acne vulgaris comprising 1-pentadecanol as an active ingredient and a carrier or diluent acceptable for topical composition is disclosed. The composition is highly effective on Propionibacterium acnes and of high safety.

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In a semiconductor device having "N" input terminals, a high voltage for a mode switching is applied to a first input terminal, and mode setting information is supplied to the other input terminals. A latch circuit holds the mode setting information supplied during a predetermined period of time sta ...

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When an electrically erasable and program read only memory device enters an erasing mode of operation, electrons are evacuated from floating gate electrodes of the floating gate type field effect transistors serving as memory cells, and the evacuation is continued over a time period instructed from ...

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An image forming apparatus of the present invention includes an apparatus body to which a conveying unit is removably mounted. A belt is used to convey a paper sheet. A sensor includes a light emitting portion for emitting light toward the belt and a photosensitive portion to which the light from th ...

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An intermediate transfer unit is constructed by covering a conductive cylindrical base member of drum-shape with an elastic member of belt-shape, the elastic member of belt-shape being adhesively fixed to the base member with an adhesive agent, grooves or pits being provided on the surface of the cy ...