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A short-wave light transmitting diode lamp unit has a printed circuit board disposed in a housing. A plurality of short-wave light emitting diode chips is mounted on the printed circuit board so that a light emission side of the light emitting diode chip faces an opening of the housing. An outer gla ...

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For removing a scratch or stain from a surface of a disk such as a CD, a disk cleaner/scourer/polisher device has a scouring member such as a buff. The disk is rotated about its axis, and the buff is pressed against the surface of the disk and rotated also with the axis of rotation of the buff being ...

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A process for the production of a printed wiring board, which comprises preparing a copper-clad laminate having a through-hole formed by drilling; providing a first resist pattern on the surface of the copper-clad laminate so as to cover a portion to be formed as a conductor pattern; etching the cop ...

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A thermoplastic blown bottle with a handle comprises a bottle body with a concave portion at its upper circumferential part and a handle attached to the concave portion, wherein the handle has a grip portion in an elongated form, fitting parts extending laterally from the both ends of the grip porti ...

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A circuit for providing power factor correction includes a boost converter circuit with a boost inductance and a power factor correction switch and a control circuit. The control circuit provides a pulse width modulated signal to control the on time of a PFC switch, and also includes a power factor ...

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In forming a blown bottle with a handle as a one-piece-molded product, a thermoplastic parison and a handle are previously held with a correct positional relation by respective holders and they are simultaneously moved in a blow mold to be subjected to blow molding.

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A fungicidal composition for agricultural use, which comprises a compound of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1 and R.sup.2 are each hydrogen, lower alkyl or cyclo(lower)alkyl; R.sup.3 is lower alkyl or cyclo(lower)alkyl; R.sup.4 and R.sup.5 are each hydrogen, lower alkyl, lower alkoxy, halogen-s ...

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In a motor control center of the present invention, a plurality of units are mounted on a frame. Each of these units has an appliance mounting plate with two walls which extend transversely from the floor plate in stepped form. A first group of electrical appliances which requires relatively frequen ...

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In a printing device according to the present invention, a housing assembly comprises a pair of housings which are rockably supported, with their respective open end portions abutting against each other. A platen is disposed in an abutment region where the open end portions abut. A keyboard is provi ...

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A three-dimensional laser cutting system by a playback method, adapted to cut work pieces by means of a laser beam. The system comprises a three-dimensional drive machine provided on its main head with a laser head, high speed spindle head and tracer head; a laser unit disposed beside said machine; ...