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Nitrogen oxides are removed from flue gas evolving from stationary sources and containing the nitrogen oxides through reduction of nitrogen oxides to nitrogen by passing the flue gas over a catalyst of metal compounds containing oxysulfur compounds in the presence of an ammonia gas.

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In operating a fuel cell comprising an oxidizing agent chamber subject to supply of an oxidizing agent gas and a fuel chamber subjected to supply of a fuel gas, sintering of noble metal particles such as platinum black as an electrode catalyst can be prevented from sintering by connecting the fuel c ...

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A coal or petroleum combustion flue gas containing sulfur oxides and dust is treated by contacting the flue gas with a sulfur dioxide-oxidizing catalyst, thereby converting sulfur dioxide to sulfur trioxide, allowing the resulting sulfur trioxide to react with components of dust, absorbing the triox ...

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The present invention provides a molten carbonate type fuel cell comprising two electrodes as anode and cathode, an electrolyte plate and separators in a single unit and a battery of the unit cells stacked. The electrodes comprise a porous plate of an electron-conducting material such as nickel cont ...


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There is provided a method for converting sulfur dioxide in an exhaust gas to sulfur, which comprises the reduction step of reducing sulfur dioxide in an exhaust gas containing water vapor to hydrogen sulfide in the presence of carbon, a part of the exhaust gas is caused to bypass the reduction step ...

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An improved process for desulfurizing combustion exhaust gases of mainly coal containing sulfur oxides, HF and dust containing Al is provided, which process consists of four steps; a first step of contacting the gases with calcium carbonate or hydroxide in the form of slurry to convert the sulfur ox ...

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Disclosed is a catalytic reaction process in which a substance in a liquid reaction system is catalytically reacted with a gaseous substance which is hardly soluble in the liquid reaction system in the presence of a solid catalyst of a non-electroconductive, hydrophobic polymeric material, a part of ...

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In a fuel cell comprising a pair of counterposed gas-diffusible electrodes, an electrolyte-retaining, porous matrix provided between and in contact with the electrodes, a fuel chamber for feeding a gaseous fuel to the anode of the pair of the electrodes and an oxidizing agent chamber for feeding a g ...