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A solid-state imaging device including a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements (for example, photodiodes) arranged on a semiconductor substrate so as to form a matrix and read-out means for reading out signal charges which are stored in the photodiodes in accordance with incident light, in ...

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A solid-state imaging device is constructed by integrating a plurality of face plate elements of an imager in the shape of a matrix on a semiconductor substrate. The face plate elements are formed of photodiodes, in which charges corresponding to incident light are accumulated. The charges are conve ...

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A solid-state imaging device having a plurality of semiconductor layers of a first conductivity type for photo-electric conversion provided on the surface of a first semiconductor layer of a second conductivity type which is formed on a part of one surface of a semiconductor substrate of the first c ...

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A charge transfer type solid-state device incorporating a charge coupled device (CCD). In order to eliminate field after image and smear, at least two electrode pairs are provided in a vertical CCD shift register for transferring the signal charges stored in photoelectric conversion elements, the el ...

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A therapeutic agent for soft tissue sarcoma (particularly synovial sarcoma), contains a histone deacetylase inhibitor (particularly a compound of formula I) as an active ingredient

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A high resolution solid-state color imaging apparatus having two-dimensionally disposed photoelectric sensors are arranged in rows and columns each having a color spectral responsivity characteristic such as by employing color filters. Each of the photoelectric sensors is scanned so as to obtain an ...

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A solid-state imaging device wherein a MOS sensor is employed for a photosensor part, a CTD shift register is employed for a read-out circuit, first and second transfer gates are connected between vertical signal output lines and the CTD, and a reset gate is connected between a juncture of the first ...

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In a semiconductor memory in which a large number of memory cells are arrayed in the shape of a matrix, arrangements are provided for a high-sensitivity read-out. In one embodiment, a writing circuit, a voltage amplifier and a sense amplifier are successively connected to a data line that connects i ...

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In a liquid crystal display device having a pair of substrates disposed to oppose one another and a liquid crystal layer sealed therebetween, an image signal driver circuit element disposed on a surface of one of the pair of substrates confronting the liquid crystal layer, and a plurality of wiring ...

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Vertical CCD registers constituting parts of an interline type CCD imaging device hold independently the signal charges transferred from photoelectric conversion elements and having different storage durations. Transfer of charge to the vertical CCD registers from the photoelectric conversion elemen ...