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A memory card apparatus using EEPROMs as semiconductor memories. Externally input data are temporarily recorded in a buffer memory and are subsequently written in the EEPROMs. Verify processing is automatically performed between the buffer memory and the EEPROMs. Similarly, data read out from the EE ...

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Disclosed herein is a power module which is simple in assembly and which allows efficient release of heat generated by a converter transformer and power devices on primary and secondary circuits which are electrically separated from each other. The power module is of a construction such that a conve ...


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A resonant type constant voltage supply apparatus has a LC series resonance circuit. Energy stored in both a resonance capacitor and a resonance inductor is directly transferred to the output or input terminal of the apparatus. A control transformer is provided in parallel with the resonance capacit ...

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The invention provides a multilayer microelectronic circuit board including a laminate of a plurality of circuit layers containing conductive vias within the layers or a combination of conductive vias and conductive wiring patterns on a surface of the layers, the layers comprising a first liquid cry ...

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Polymer blends comprising a copolymer (A) which comprises 50 to 98% by weight of units from methyl methacrylate, 2 to 50% by weight of units from an acrylate and/or methacrylate having a halogen-substituted aromatic ring, and 0 to 25% by weight of units from other copolymerizable .alpha.,.beta.-subs ...

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To both ends of a frame constituting a lateral pressure structure of headphones, support sections functioning as fine adjustment members for performing fine adjustments to the lateral pressure structure are attached. Paddings are provided on one of the ends of the support sections. When the headphon ...

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Provided are multilayered structures comprising at least 2 layers of a layer which comprises a resin composition comprising:

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The present invention relates to a polymer having a thiol group at one end of the molecule, which is obtained by subjecting the monomers capable of radical polymerization to radical polymerization in the presence of a thiolcarboxylic acid and then treating the resulting polymer with an alkali or aci ...

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An electronic musical instrument has a parameter setting system for setting a parameter necessary for controlling a musical characteristic which is a tone color or a musical effect such as a vibrato in a musical tone generating section. The parameter setting system comprises a memory (RAM) for stori ...