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A position and orientation state pickup is designed to detect the position and orientation state of an endoscope inserted into a living body without any adverse effect on the living body, which is often observed in X-ray analysis. The position and orientation state pickup, generating an electro-magn ...

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An endoscope apparatus including an endoscope, a supply portion for supplying a required signal or energy to a peripheral unit relating to the endoscope; and a control portion for controlling the supply portion, wherein the control portion is constituted to have at least one field programmable gate ...

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An electrosurgical apparatus includes a radio frequency (RF) power source for supplying an RF signal to an object to be cauterized through a treatment tool and an electrode plate. A dummy load with a certain impedance is coupled in the current path from an active terminal to which the treatment tool ...

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An endoscope system includes an endoscope having an image pickup device, a control unit, signal lines, a first earth electric wire, a light guide and a scope connector. The scope connector is formed by collecting a first electric contact, a first non-contact power transmitting portion serving as a n ...

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In this out-body observing apparatus, an illuminating light fed by an illuminating device is emitted from the tip part of an insertable part of an endoscope inserted into a body cavity and is radiated onto a part to be observed. This illuminating light having passed through a living body tissue is i ...

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An endoscope is provided that can reduce examination costs by realizing commonality of an operating unit by making an inserting unit and the operating unit attachable/detachable with respect to each other to enable the exchange of inserting units. The endoscope of this invention includes an operatin ...

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This endoscope light source apparatus can feed an illuminating light to an endoscope requiring a white color light as an illuminating light and to an endoscope having a field sequential type imaging apparatus and requiring as an illuminating light a field sequential light sequentially switched to li ...

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An electronic endoscope comprising an endoscope unit and a light source unit. The endoscope includes a light guide and a CCD for imaging the object. The light source unit includes a continuously lighting lamp (e.g., xenon lamp), for use as a light source for observation, and a flashing stroboscope a ...

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First and second illumination and image pickup units are provided in the container body having opposite reference view field directions and are respectively freely tilted in an arbitrary direction within predetermined inclination angles from the reference view field direction.

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A white light of a lamp which can flash is passed through a rotary filter fitted with a plurality of color filters to output colored lights of a field sequential type. An output signal of a color filter detecting device, detecting the timing when the color filters are interposed in a light path, is ...