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A microstructure-bearing composite plastic article can be superior, both in microstructure and in physical properties, when it is a composite of a tough, flexible substrate, at a surface of which is microstructure formed of a cured oligomeric resin having hard segments and soft segments, which cured ...

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A method of producing a microstructure bearing article that includes the steps of molding the microstructure on the base, curing the resin that forms the microstructure, and heat treating the microstructure. The heat treating is performed at a temperature that is at least equal to a normal glass tra ...

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A brightness enhancement article that includes: (a) a transparent, flexible substrate; (b) a first major surface having an array of prisms with blunted or rounded peaks characterized by a chord width, cross-sectional pitch width, and radius of curvature in which the chord width is equal to about 20- ...

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Shaped articles, particularly ophthalmic devices, can be fabricated from oxygen transmissive, hydrolytically stable, polysiloxane copolymers of readily prepared poly(organosiloxane) monomers having monourethane acrylate groups and copolymerizable ethylenically-unsaturated monomers. The ophthalmic de ...

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A preloaded impression tray (5a), comprising a thermoplastic impression material (7) at least partially enveloped by a shell (1a), the thermoplastic impression material being a plasticized solid and having:

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The present invention provides pressure-sensitive adhesives having a refractive index of at least 1.48. The pressure-sensitive adhesives comprise at least one monomer containing a substituted or an unsubstituted aromatic moiety.

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A film that exhibits increased scratch resistant characteristics. The film is formed from a layer of crosslinkable oligomeric resin composition on a base. The film is made by: forming the layer of crosslinkable oligomeric resin composition on the base, and curing the resin composition to an extent t ...

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A flame resistant composite film includes a first layer and a second layer that are joined together. The first layer has a light transmission of at least 93 percent and is substantially constructed from a radiation-cured polymer and a flame retardant material. The second layer is constructed primari ...

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A receptor medium with a sheet having a random microembossed imaging surface as one major surface thereof. The receptor medium can receive jettable materials, which include inks, adhesives, biological fluids, chemical assay reagents, particulate dispersions, waxes, electrically, thermally, or magnet ...

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The present invention provides thermoplastic ophthalmic lens blocking compositions that have many advantages over traditional metal alloy materials. Preferred compositions comprise a homopolymer or copolymer of epsilon-caprolactone, have a number average molecular weight between 3,000 and 100,000, a ...