Tobin Allen King, Kia Silverbrook: Printer unit for PC disk drive bay. Silverbrook Research, August 7, 2001: US06270177 (305 worldwide citation)

A printer unit having a pagewidth full color ink jet printhead; a detachable print roll cartridge including ink and paper, wherein the printer unit is formed within the disk drive bay of a personal computer type system. The printer unit includes a rotatable mount enabling the printed paper to be eje ...

Kia Silverbrook, Tobin Allen King, Garry Raymond Jackson: Power supply for a four color modular printhead. Silverbrook Research, August 27, 2002: US06439908 (269 worldwide citation)

A power supply for a printhead assembly includes a first strip of an electrically conductive material, the first strip having a pair of spaced terminals projecting from a side edge thereof and a second strip of an electrically conductive material, the second strip having a single terminal projecting ...

Kia Silverbrook, Tobin Allen King: Hand held mobile phone with integral internal printer with print media supply. Silverbrook Research, June 11, 2002: US06405055 (213 worldwide citation)

A hand held mobile phone device with integral internal print apparatus and print media supply includes a mobile telephone unit for transmitting and receiving signals. The device further includes an internal print media storage unit and processing circuitry for processing the received and transmitted ...



Kia Silverbrook, Tobin Allen King: Duplex inkjet printing system. Silverbrook Research, September 10, 2002: US06447113 (187 worldwide citation)

A digital printing system for printing on both surfaces of a sheet of print media includes a first print engine and a second print engine in an opposed, aligned relationship with the first print engine. Each print engine includes an inkjet printhead and a transfer roller on to which ink ejected from ...

Kia Silverbrook, Tobin Allen King, Garry Raymond Jackson: Print cartridge. Silverbrook Research, May 29, 2001: US06238044 (183 worldwide citation)

A print cartridge includes a support arrangement. A supply of print media and a supply of ink are arranged within the support arrangement. A filter is carried by the support arrangement for filtering air to be supplied to a printhead of a device in which the print cartridge is installed, in use.

Kia Silverbrook, Tobin Allen King, Paul Lapstun: Printer consumable cartridge. Silverbrook Research, September 18, 2001: US06290349 (157 worldwide citation)

A replaceable cartridge for supplying consumable material to an ink jet printer, the printer having a printhead assembly; air pump to provide air to the printhead assembly; and binding material adapted to bind printed pages into a bound document, wherein, the replaceable cartridge includes an air fi ...

Kia Silverbrook, Tobin Allen King: PC card printer. Silverbrook Research, December 12, 2000: US06158907 (151 worldwide citation)

A portable printer for printing out small, typically business card size, sheets using a pagewidth inkjet printhead. At one end of the printer there is provided a PCMCIA plug for interconnection with a PC card slot. In one form of the invention, the entire printer and paper supply cartridge are appro ...

Kia Silverbrook, Paul Lapstun, Simon Robert Walmsley, Tobin Allen King: Sensing device. Silverbrook Research, March 22, 2005: US06870966 (148 worldwide citation)

A sensing device for sensing region identity data and generating movement data when the sensing device is moved relative to a region of a surface, the region identity data being indicative of an identity of the region, the movement data being indicative of the movement of the sensing device relative ...