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Personal treatment compositions including cleansing and/or cosmetic compositions are disclosed, the cleansing compositions, for example, comprising from about 0.001% to about 10%, preferably from about 0.005% to about 6%, enduring perfume; from about 0.01% to about 95% surfactant system; and the bal ...

Toan Trinh, Dean V Phan: Articles containing small particle size cyclodextrin for odor control. The Procter & Gamble Company, Beth Goldstein Lewis, Betty J Zea, July 4, 1995: US05429628 (155 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to compositions and articles such as catamenials, diapers, pantiliners, paper towels, tissues, underarm shields, etc., which minimize odor caused from body fluids through the incorporation of an effective amount of cyclodextrin, having a particle size of less than 12 mi ...

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Fibrous cellulose materials useful in the manufacture of soft, absorbent paper products such as paper towels, facial tissues, and toilet tissue are disclosed. The paper products contain a biodegradable chemical softening composition comprising a mixture of a biodegradable quaternized ester-amine com ...

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The present invention relates to aqueous compositions comprising an odor controlling agent and select sanitizing agents for deodorizing and sanitizing skin surfaces. Articles of manufacture and methods of deodorizing and sanitizing the skin using disclosed compositions are also disclosed.

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Cyclodextrin complex is suspended in polyalkylene glycol carrier material that does not displace the included material. The preferred perfume/cyclodextrin complexes, either alone or admixed with solvent (e.g., water), are preferably suspended in the carrier and then incorporated into solid, dryer-ac ...

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The present invention comprises compositions and articles such as catamenials, diapers, pantiliners, adult incontinence garments, and underarm shields which minimize odor caused by body fluids and which provide a pleasant scent signal to indicate that the odor is being removed. This scent signal, pr ...

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The present invention relates to liquid and solid biodegradable fabric softener compositions combined with highly enduring substantive perfumes. These compositions are naturally, or synthetically, derived perfumes which are hydrophobic, defined by having a low rinse water solubility (ClogP is greate ...

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A dispensing device for dispensing scents into the environment is disclosed. In one embodiment, the dispensing device is used in conjunction with an article of manufacture which contains one or more scents or aromatic materials. In such an embodiment, the dispensing device can include a housing and ...

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Animal care systems desirably include animal litter with reduced malodor impression comprising solid moisture-absorbing material and effective amounts of both odor absorbing material, preferably, cyclodextrin, or derivative thereof, and material for reducing the formation of malodor, e.g., antibacte ...

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An effective amount of perfume/cyclodextrin complex is applied to fabric that is preferably at least partially wetted. A preferred method applies said complex to said fabric in an automatic laundry dryer. The perfume/cyclodextrin complexes are preferably incorporated into solid, dryer-activated, fab ...