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A battery-powered, upright vacuum sweeper comprises a base assembly and a handle pivotably attached thereto. The base assembly comprises a vacuum fan assembly fluidly communicating with an inlet for vacuuming dust and the debris particles from a surface into a removable reservoir. A rotating roller ...

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A cyclone separator assembly comprises a cyclone separator that removes large particles of dirt from a working airstream as it flows through the cyclone separator, and the separated large particles of dirt are deposited into a dirt cup. The cyclone separator assembly further includes a fine particle ...

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A handheld cleaning apparatus for cleaning carpets and other surfaces comprises a housing, a motorized cleaning head, and a liquid container assembly removably mounted to the housing for storing and dispensing a cleaning liquid onto the surface to be cleaned. The housing and the cleaning head are de ...

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A handheld vacuum cleaner according to the invention comprises a housing, a dirt cup, a latch coupled between the dirt cup and the housing for selectively joining the dirt cup to the housing, a filter positioned in the dirt cup between the inlet and the outlet, and a plurality of different nozzle as ...

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A spot cleaning apparatus has a housing, a fluid distribution system, a fluid recovery system, an agitation system, at least one UV light emitting element, an optional steam generator, and a controller to automatically monitor and control inputs and outputs to the systems for spot and stain removal ...

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A vacuum cleaner comprises a hair collection assembly having a hair collection element adapted to collection hair from a surface. The hair collection assembly can be mounted to the cleaning head of the vacuum cleaner for movement between a use position in which the hair collection element is in cont ...

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A process of filling containers includes a passivating the filling equipment immediately prior to filling the containers with an oxidizing composition. Adjacent containers filled with different compositions are oriented relative to each other by marking the containers with a visible indicia represen ...