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An optical recording system including a read/write optical assembly including an objective lens for reading or writing from an optical medium including a solid immersion lens disposed between the objective lens and having a surface closely spaced from the recording medium.

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An improved real-time confocal scanning microscope, and an improved perforated disk for use in such microscope. A preferred embodiment of the inventive microscope includes a polarizing beamsplitting cube and a rotatable Nipkow disk perforted with a hexagonal hole pattern. The disk is preferably moun ...

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A method and apparatus for imaging a substrate (such as silicon or silicon dioxide) beneath and between a dense array of strips (such as photoresist strips composed of dielectric or other material) using a polarizing optical microscope. In preferred embodiments, the apparatus of the invention includ ...

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Variable focus optical system in which a light beam is projected through a transparent flat cell of electro-optic material coated on both sides with a layer of transparent conductive material. The layer on one side of the cell is divided into a central disc region and a ring shaped region which surr ...