John Schnurer, Timothy J Klemmer: Computer virus trap. Quantum Leap Innovations, November 24, 1998: US05842002 (274 worldwide citation)

A computer virus trapping device is described that detects and eliminates computer viruses before they can enter a computer system and wreck havoc on its files, peripherals, etc. The trapping device creates a virtual world that simulates the host computer system intended by the virus to infect. The ...

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The invention is embodied in an anisotropic, soft magnetic thin film article comprising a cobalt-iron-chromium-nitrogen (Co--Fe--Cr--N) alloy. The thin film is formed such that the alloy has a relatively high saturation magnetization (4.pi.M.sub.s), e.g., greater than approximately 8 kilogauss (kG), ...

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The present invention is a planar spiral inductor a top magnetic layer a bottom magnetic layer; and a plurality of conductive coils disposed between said top magnetic layer and said bottom magnetic layer. A significant difference from prior art is that the top and bottom magnetic layers have their c ...

Michael K Minor, Timothy J Klemmer: Perpendicular magnetic recording head with a multilayered main write pole. Seagate Technology, Benjamin T Queen II, Pietragallo Bosick & Gordon, November 23, 2004: US06822829 (16 worldwide citation)

A perpendicular magnetic recording head includes a multilayered main write pole. The main write pole includes a first layer of material, a second layer of material, and an interlayer positioned between the first layer of material and the second layer of material. The second layer of material has a s ...

Xiaomin Yang, Earl C Johns, Timothy J Klemmer, Chao Liu, Dieter K Weller: Magnetic recording media having chemically modified patterned substrate to assemble self organized magnetic arrays. Seagate Technology, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC, December 26, 2006: US07153597 (15 worldwide citation)

A data storage medium is provided according to the present invention for magnetic recording. The data storage medium includes a substrate having a locking pattern etched therein defining patterned regions. The patterned regions are chemically modified by depositing a self-assembled monolayer therein ...

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A magnetic recording head includes a write pole having alternating layers of Fe and Co and a return pole magnetically coupled to the write pole. The layers of Fe may have a thickness from about 1.0 angstroms to about 40.0 angstroms and the layers of Co may have a thickness from about 1.0 angstroms t ...

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A magnetic storage media comprises a substrate supporting the layer of magnetic media having a tilted C-axis greater than approximately 25° with respect to surface normal and having a magnetic easy axis tilted at an angle at approximately greater than 30° from the substrate surface normal. The media ...

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An article comprising an alloy exhibiting high magnetostriction in relatively low applied magnetic fields is provided, the alloy capable of being formed in a relatively easy manner and having desirable physical properties. The Co—Fe alloy of the invention exhibits a magnetostriction of at least 100× ...

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A magnetic recording medium with domain wall pinning sites including a substrate, a soft magnetic underlayer, and a magnetic recording layer overlying the soft magnetic underlayer. In one embodiment the magnetic recording layer has at least two grooves providing a track having first and second sidew ...

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A spin valve device containing a chromium or chromium and aluminum antiferromagnetic layer, which acts as a pinning layer for a magnetoresistive ferromagnetic layer, by exchange coupling. The antiferromagnetic layer has a tunable Neel temperature and anisotropy constant, and is corrosion resistant.