Longzhi Jiang
Tesfaye K Kidane, Timothy J Havens, Longzhi Jiang: System and apparatus for balancing radial forces in a gradient coil. General Electric Company, January 3, 2013: US20130002252-A1

A gradient coil apparatus for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system includes an inner gradient coil assembly and an outer gradient coil assembly disposed around the inner gradient coil assembly. The outer gradient coil assembly has an outer surface, a first end and a second end. The gradient coi ...

Longzhi Jiang
Longzhi Jiang, Timothy J Havens, John Scaturro JR, William L Einziger, Tesfaye K Kidane: System and apparatus for providing interconnections in a gradient coil assembly. General Electric Company, December 6, 2012: US20120306495-A1

A gradient coil apparatus for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system includes an inner gradient coil assembly comprising at least one inner gradient coil and an outer gradient coil assembly comprising at least one outer gradient coil. At least one gradient coil interconnect is coupled to the inne ...

Longzhi Jiang
Timothy J Havens, Longzhi Jiang, Gregory A Lehmann: MRI magnet vibration induced field instability simulator. Artz & Artz PC, March 18, 2004: US20040051530-A1

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) magnet field instability simulator (80) is provided. The simulator includes a rigid body motion generator (82) that simulates motion of one or more MRI system components. An eddy current analyzer (84) generates a magnetic stiffness and damping signal and an electro ...

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A passively shimmed open architecture magnetic resonance imaging magnet utilizing separated superconducting coil assemblies with open space between including apparatus to obtain field homogeneity in the open space by a non-magnetic cylinder in the bore of the magnets for positioning patterns of magn ...

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A shielded and open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) magnet having two spaced-apart, generally toroidal-shaped superconductive coil assemblies. Each coil assembly has a coil housing containing a generally annular-shaped superconductive main and a radially-outwardly spaced-apart shielding coil carryi ...

Timothy J Havens: MRI system utilizing supplemental static field-shaping coils. GE Medical Systems Global Technology Co, Michael Della Penna, November 15, 2005: US06965236 (9 worldwide citation)

A magnetic resonance imaging system (10) includes a superconducting magnet (14) that generates a static magnetic field. A gradient coil assembly (50) with an associated patient bore enclosure (18) and a gradient coil (52) that generates a gradient magnetic field in the patient bore (18). A static fi ...

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A lightweight passive magnetic shielding system for a mobile magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) superconducting magnet is provided to enable transportation of the MRI while at superconducting operation within the regulations limiting the strength of the stray magnetic field of the MRI magnet and the w ...

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A shim coil design technique determines a position and a geometry of a room temperature (RT) shim coil to provide both a desired field homogeneity and a desired B0 field setting time. The simultaneous satisfaction of both field homogeneity and field settling time is achieved without a reduction of f ...

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Magnetic field homogeneity correction system including coils for a superconducting magnet assembly are wound on the same coil forms as the axially spaced main magnet coils such that they are superimposed radially to simplify the system including design requirements for associated passive shimming an ...