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An implanted programmable ambulatory electrocardiography (AECG) patient monitoring device that senses and analyzes electrocardiographic signals from at least one subcutaneous precordial sensor chronically and frequently to detect electrocardiogram and physiological signal characteristics predictive ...

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A cardiac stimulation system is provided which delivers long term cardiac therapy without a personal supervision by a physician. The system includes a cardiac stimulation device implanted in a patient and an external device in constant or periodic communication with the cardiac device. The external ...

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A leadless implantable cardiac arrhythmia alarm is disclosed which continuously assesses a patient's heart function to discriminate between normal and abnormal heart functioning and, upon detecting an abnormal condition, generates a patient-warning signal. The alarm is capable of sensing impedance m ...

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A metabolic-demand pacemaker in which the standby rate is a function of minute volume. Electrodes are placed in a blood vessel in the vicinity of the patient's pleural cavity, a known current field is established in the blood, and the impedance in the field is measured. The impedance is a function o ...

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In an implantable antiarryhythmia pacemaker, an automatic cardiac arrhythmia detection and classification monitoring apparatus and method for measuring stimulated intracardiac electrogram potentials, deriving therefrom a paced depolarization integral (PDI), analyzing time-based changes in the PDI, d ...

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A rate-responsive pacemaker whose rate control parameter is minute volume derived over a bipolar lead. An algorithm based on averaged samples and zero crossings provides enhanced accuracy. Sustained exercise at high pacing rates is possible.

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A P-wave detector in a single chamber ventricular cardiac pacemaker, which is adapted to perform VDD pacing, senses natural atrial activity in the form of P-waves from a standard lead implanted in the ventricle of the heart. The P-wave detector is electrically coupled to a ventricular sensing lead a ...

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A rate-responsive dual-chamber antitachycardia pacer and pacing method which automatically diagnoses and supports a patient's hemodynamic status by measuring metabolic demand and sensing intracardiac electrograms to determine whether the heart is beating normally or under conditions of bradycardia, ...

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A graphic user interface for a cardiac implant, such as an implant programmer, includes image generators for generating multiple images on a screen, each image corresponding to as representation of a parameter related to the operation of the implant or a cardiac function, and an indicia generator fo ...