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Biodegradable, liquid impervious multilayer film compositions are disclosed. In particular, the films comprise composite structures derived from multilayer combinations of biodegradable polymers. The biodegradable polymers are selected from the categories of moisture sensitive polymers, thermally se ...

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An article including at least one segment which is capable of being elastically shirred along at least a portion of its length subsequent to manufacture of the article, preferably by mechanical manipulation of a predetermined portion of the elastically shirrable segment. The predetermined mechanical ...

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The present invention provides a process for debossing and perforating a substantially continuous web of substantially planar thermoplastic film, using a forming structure having a patterned forming surface with holes and an opposed surface. The forming structure is open from the holes in the formin ...

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A coextruded, multilayer polymeric film having a core layer including a surfactant and at least one outer layer is placed on a forming structure. The forming structure moves in a direction parallel to the direction of travel of the multilayer film and carries the multilayer film in that direction. A ...