Thornton Jr Henry M: Wardrobe apparel case. Just C Hercus, March 4, 1975: US3869034 (13 worldwide citation)

A carrying case for clothing and apparel having compartments at opposite sides of a center panel respectively (1) to accommodate garments held on hangers and folded when the case is closed but extended when the case is open and suspended, and (2) to contain one or more trays to hold apparel and the ...

Thornton Jr Henry M, Stram George H, Plowman Richard E: Dental console. Dentsply Research Development Corporation, Just C Hercus, March 25, 1975: US3872593 (10 worldwide citation)

A dental equipment stand supporting a plurality of different dental instruments separately supported by individual control modules interchangeably supported with a head movable forwardly and upwardly relative to a base cabinet, each module having control valves for dental utilities such as air and w ...

Thornton Jr Henry M, Plowman Richard E: Control unit for dental equipment. Dentsply Research & Development, Just C Hercus, June 3, 1975: US3886660 (9 worldwide citation)

A dental control unit for one or more dental instruments requiring air and/or water to operate the same and including a cabinet containing a plurality of control modules interchangable with each other and comprising a sub-frame connectable to the base of said cabinet and having similar front panels ...

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