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A method for purchasing and delivering goods over a network is comprised of the steps of identifying a digital good to be purchased. A purchase price for the digital good is negotiated. After the negotiation step, an authenticated purchase request is sent to the merchant. The merchant encrypts the d ...

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A system is provided for providing travel time information for a plurality of positions on an electronic map. The system provides map data including information on road segments, determines a plurality of road segment travel times based on the map data, selects a plurality of positions for which tra ...

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A circuit to test the working of antennas for a radio telephone. The antennas each have a radiator with one end that open rises up into the space. The test currents flow through antenna wires to the antennas independent of a signal current (I

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The system achieves high bandwidth efficiency and a low bit and message error probability in digital data transmission. The system, with its associated methods and devices, obviates carrier synchronization or clock synchronization. Digital multicarrier transmission with coding and decoding is carrie ...

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A multiple ratio automatic transmission control system for an automotive vehicle comprising a multiple ratio gear set and a simple planetary gear set arranged in series. The control system has multiple control modes including an automatic control mode in which upshifts and downshifts between adjacen ...

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A case for dental instrument including a container, a lid for closing the container, a tray, and an insert arranged alongside of the container and including an instrument-receiving unit having a holder and a carrier and pivotable between a folded down position and an opened, vertical position, axle ...

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A method and system augments shaft output of gas turbine engines that can be used in multiple modes of operation. The system comprises a washing unit capable of injecting atomized water into the gas turbine engine, thereby obtaining a release of fouling material from the at least one compressor blad ...

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An automatic transmission having a multiple ratio gearset arranged in series with an overdrive gearset wherein ratio upshifts and downshifts are effected by separate reaction brakes for each gearset, each brake being independently controlled to achieve an enhancement of shift quality using closed lo ...

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A compressed, elongated caplet having a cylindrical body portion and an exterior wall, which caplet contains a medicinal ingredient, is contained in an elongated readily swallowable capsule. The capsule comprises two semicapsules (capsule cap and body) each having a tubular internal wall. The caplet ...