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A process is disclosed for dewaxing a hydrocarbon feed to produce a dewaxed lube oil. The feed includes straight chain and slightly branched chain paraffins having 10 or more carbon atoms. In the process the feed is contacted under isomerization conditions with an intermediate pore size molecular si ...

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A process for preparing very high viscosity polyalphaolefins using an acidic ionic liquid oligomerization catalyst in the absence of an organic diluent and the products formed thereby.

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An alkylated aromatic hydrocarbon is produced having the following properties: (a) less than 40 wt. % of the alkylated aromatic hydrocarbon is 2-aryl; and (b) at least 20 wt. % of the alkylated aromatic hydrocarbon is a monoalkylate. That alkylated aromatic hydrocarbon is produced by isomerizing a n ...


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The present invention relates to new crystalline zeolite SSZ-55 prepared using a phenylcycloalkylmethyl ammonium or N-cyclohexyl-N-(2-methylpropyl)pyrrolidinium cation templating agents.

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A dewaxing process for lowering the haze point of a bright stock which includes contacting a bright stock in the presence of added hydrogen gas with a Zeolite EU-1 catalyst in combination with a ZSM-48 and/or SSZ-32 catalyst.

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The method of the invention includes making dimethyinaphthalenes by first contacting, in an alkylation zone, at alkylation conditions, a toluene-containing stream with a pentene-containing stream in the presence of an acid alkylation catalyst. At least a portion of the toluene and pentenes react to ...

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A process for the production of a high quality gasoline blending components from refinery process streams by the alkylation of light isoparaffins with olefins using an ionic liquid catalyst is disclosed. The alkylation process comprises contacting a hydrocarbon mixture comprising at least one olefin ...

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A method of increasing the viscosity of CO.sub.2 at least three-fold by adding (1) a viscosifying amount of a polymer having a Minimum Solubility Parameter of 6.85 or less and a plurality of electron donor atoms selected from the group consisting of O, N, and S, and (2) a sufficient amount of a coso ...

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