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Polypropylene fibers and devices that include a fatty acid monoglyceride added to the polypropylene as a melt additive are described. A hydrophilic enhancer material can be advantageously added to the polypropylene as a melt additive to enhance the hydrophilicity of the fibers and devices. An antimi ...

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Abrasive articles comprising precisely shaped particles are disclosed. The particles are bonded together to form a shaped mass, e.g., a wheel; alternatively, the particles can be bonded to a backing to form a coated abrasive article; or the particles can be bonded into a fibrous, nonwoven substrate ...

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Normally solid, organic solvent-soluble, thermoplastic, polyethylenically-unsaturated, cellulosic polyurethane polymers are provided. These cellulosic polyurethane polymers comprise one or more cellulose ether or ester segments, one or more alkylene moieties having at least two carbon atoms and whic ...



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An antistatic composition comprises (a) at least one ionic salt consisting of a nonpolymeric nitrogen onium cation and a weakly coordinating fluoroorganic anion, the conjugate acid of the anion being a superacid; and (b) at least one thermoplastic polymer. The composition exhibits good antistatic pe ...

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Coatable compositions suitable for use in producing abrasive articles are presented. The inventive coatable compositions comprise a free radically polymerizable composition, abrasive particles, and a photoinitiator system. The photoinitiator system consists essentially of a compound which cleaves vi ...

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This invention provides durably hydrophilic, thermoplastic fiber comprising a thermoplastic polymer, such as polyamide, polyurethane, or polyolefin, e.g., polypropylene, and a mixture of: (a) one or more fluoroaliphatic group-containing nonionic surfactants and (b) one or more nonionic, non-fluorina ...

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The present invention provides a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and a method for producing the same. The pressure-sensitive adhesive composition is produced by the combination of at least one free-radically photopolymerizable monomer and at least one set of polyurethane precursors, and a su ...