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The recovery of hydrocarbons from subterranean formations is improved by the use of a mobility control fluid comprising a mixture of at least one alkylated diphenyl oxide and at least one amphoteric surfactant. A preferred mobility control fluid comprises the disodium salt of hexyldiphenyloxide disu ...

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This invention describes grafted blend compositions, processes for their preparation and fabricated articles, especially foams therefrom. The blends exhibit enhanced melt strength, melt elongation greater than or equal to about 20 mm/s, increased upper service temperature, increased modulus, and inc ...

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A method and device for unwrapping self-adhering films at reduced noise levels are disclosed. The method and device include means to maintain a sufficiently high unwrapping take-off angle during the unwrapping and dispensing or unwinding of film rollstock. Suitable means provide for substantial acce ...

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This invention is directed to an ethylene polymer blend comprising at least two diverse ethylene interpolymers wherein one interpolymer has a lower number of carbons than the at least one other interpolymer. The ethylene polymer blend preferably comprises at least one homogeneously branched ethylene ...

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Polymer blends are described that include at least one first ethylene interpolymer and at least one second ethylene interpolymer wherein the difference in the number of carbon atoms in the comonomer of the first interpolymer and the comonomer of the second interpolymer is at least two, wherein the f ...

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A method and apparatus for optical transmission of an analog signal whose statistical properties approximate "white noise" including a repeater having an optical source, such as a laser, and signal processing means including a quadratic device having a quadratic characteristic arranged to receive th ...

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In a gas flooding or miscible gas flooding operation, the sweep efficiency of the gas is improved using a mixture of an alkylated diphenyl sulfonate and an alpha-olefin sulfonate as the surfactants in a mobility control fluid or diverter.

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Film layers made from formulated ethylene polymer compositions are disclosed. Film layers made from such formulated compositions have surprisingly good heat seal properties, and an especially good reduction in heat seal initiation temperature. The ethylene polymer compositions have at least one homo ...


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In an optical transmission system, particularly a submerged system, a line finding system is provided which, in the event of a fault somewhere along the system, enables the remaining operative lines or paths to take over the traffic and thus "steer around" the fault. The laser sources of the submerg ...