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A payment card transaction notification and authorization system provides a notification message to a payment card holder of an attempted transaction using his/her payment card. The system provides multiple options for the payment card holder to decline authorization of the attempted transaction. Th ...

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A filter for removing odors, hydrocarbons, and other contaminants from air comprising activated carbon granules bonded together into a monolithic extended surface shape in the form of a wave. This type of filter is particularly useful in air handling systems where pressure drop is critical.

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A system and method are provided for reviewing and updating a subscriber's telecommunications services, including a Caller ID service, using a graphical user interface via multiple data networks. The method includes presenting service data to the subscriber via the data networks and transmitting a d ...

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A seating structure includes a plurality of boss structures arranged in a pattern and a plurality of web structures joining adjacent boss structures within the pattern. At least some of the web structures are spaced apart such that they define openings therebetween. Adjacent rows of said web structu ...

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The disclosure relates generally to embodiments of systems and methods of spinal stabilization. Embodiments include methods that use a dilator to displace tissue proximate to a sleeve. An embodiment of a surgical system can comprise a dilator that may define a working channel from a first opening to ...

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The present invention relates to modulators of ATP-Binding Cassette (“ABC”) transporters or fragments thereof, including Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Regulator (“CFTR”), compositions thereof, and methods therewith. The present invention also relates to methods of treating ABC transporter mediated d ...

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A filter is made by bonding and molding a granular activated carbon within a frame of U-shaped channels. The bonded activated carbon body may be reinforced with a wire or other network, and may contain holes or areas of reduced thickness to minimize pressure drop.

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Compounds of the present invention, and pharmaceutically acceptable compositions thereof, are useful as modulators of ATP-Binding Cassette (“ABC”) transporters or fragments thereof, including Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator (“CFTR”). The present invention also relates to methods ...


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A system and a method store, display and report outgoing call log data associated with telephone calls from a subscriber's telephone. The system includes a switch in one network that receives a telephone call from the subscriber's telephone and launches a query in response to an AIN trigger to a ser ...