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In a virtual reality system (20) an operator perceives being in a virtual reality world (74) of virtual reality images (62). The system (20) models the relative position and movement of objects (208 and 210) in a virtual reality world (74) by representing graphically a first (208) and second (210) o ...



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A network (10) of mobile computing devices (18) communicates by receiving and rebroadcasting messages using wireless transmission. A message is initiated by first mobile computing device and transmitted to a set of other mobile computing devices which may be selected on an ad hoc basis. The receivin ...



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A display device (10) for wirelessly receiving internet content, in the form of HTML commands (12), as well as commands for controlling operation of the display device (10). The display device (10) has an embedded processor (22), programmed with a browser to interpret the HTML commands, and addition ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a flexible computer radio network. SOLUTION: The radio network of a computer or another portable electronic device is made to enable transmitting data from a master computer 14 to one or more client computers 18. The master computer 14 broadcasts data as against the ...

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PURPOSE: To provide a virtual reality system which makes an operator feel as if he were in the virtual reality worlds of virtual reality images. CONSTITUTION: The images are generated on a display screen 60 in response to the actions of an operator wearing a helmet device 28 and also to a control si ...