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A microprocessor system utilizing an in-circuit emulator (ICE) to aid in testing and debugging by an external emulator. The microprocessor operates in two modes. One mode is emulation mode in which the microprocessor outputs trace information for allowing the emulator to reconstruct microprocessor e ...

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The system and method described provide for the detection and protection of memory accesses without the overhead typically incurred by memory management units. The processor includes a guarded memory unit, which monitors memory accesses to be performed by monitoring transmissions across the memory b ...

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A refrigerated appliance for use as a salad bar includes an enclosure having a refrigeration unit mounted therein and a cooled food storage compartment. An upper wall of the storage compartment is provided with openings for receiving a plurality of foodstuff containers having bottom wall surfaces wh ...

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A spray assembly for a dishwasher includes a fluid pump and a spray tower. The spray tower includes a lower stationary member and an upper rotatable member and includes a fluid cavity therein. The rotatable member has at least one spray opening adjacent its upper end. A spray nozzle directs a stream ...

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An adjustable rinse additive dispenser is provided for a dishwasher having a washing compartment and a door pivotal between a horizontal open position and a vertical closed position. The dispenser includes a rinse additive reservoir mounted on the door. A conduit provides a fill opening for adding r ...

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A chemically sanitizing rinse solution is prepared in batches of variable sizes, but with a preselected substantially constant proportion of water and chemical sanitizing agent, in a rinse solution mixing tank, for demand consumption on a continuous duty basis, by delivering the sanitizing agent to, ...

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A one-piece wash arm is provided for a dishwasher. The wash arm has an open channel through which water from a water supply hose is directed. The channel has opposite curved ends with discharge openings through which the water is sprayed onto objects to be washed in the dishwasher. The flow of water ...

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A resilient tie-down device interposed between a hook connected to a vehicle frame and a chain connected to a transporter and characterized in that the resilient tie-down device includes a strap which is pretensioned and encapsulated in a rubber jacket.

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A method for the automatic scaling of radio receiver characteristics. Receiver designs are subject to change based upon the parameters of transmitters and the desired characteristics of communications links in a communications system. The method of the present invention involves automatically scalin ...

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A mullion bar assembly having enhanced heat transfer barrier characteristics is disclosed wherein the liners defining the freezer and the fresh food compartments define non-magnetic gasket sealing surfaces against which the magnetic door gaskets seal. Since the liners are typically made of plastic m ...