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A method of surface treating elastomer surfaces comprises applying thereto a 4-substituted-1,2,4-triazoline-3,5-dione preferably in solution. The treatment improves adhesion using normal elastomer adhesives, improves resistance to peeling with flexible paints and reduces the surface tack of the elas ...

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The invention relates to systems and methods for improving planning, scheduling, and supply chain management. Embodiments of the invention can provide some or all of the following: improved systems and methods for determining an optimal lot size, improved systems and methods for determining optimal ...

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High-speed silicon CMOS circuits and high-power AlGaN/GaN amplifiers are integrated on the same wafer. A thin layer of high resistivity silicon is bonded on a substrate. Following the bonding, an AlGaN/GaN structure is grown over the bonded silicon layer. A silicon nitride or a silicon oxide layer i ...

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Novel secondary aromatic-aliphatic amines having anti-oxidant properties are prepared by reacting aromatic nitroso amines or phenols with olefins having at least one hydrogen atom attached to a carbon atom which is in the .alpha. -position with respect to a carbon-carbon double bond. The reaction ma ...

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A composite gasket consisting essentially of a resilient core in the form of an annular ring and a seamless plastic jacket covering and closely fitting the inner periphery and adjacent faces of the core. The core can be formed by an outer annular ring and an inner annular split ring or, alternativel ...

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Natural rubber latex is treated with a para-nitrosoaniline in the presence of a metal dialkyldithiocarbamate in order to protect the rubber from oxidative degradation. A hydroxylamine salt is added to the rubber latex before, during or after the reaction to reduce coloration of the latex on storage.

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A method of optimising a design of a component by conducting at least one analysis employing a 3D computer model which incorporates empirically obtained data values stored as 2D data sets. Ambiguities between values from different data sets which relate to common nodes, where the nodes define polygo ...

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A folding stringed instrument has a narrow body, a neck with a fret board and strings. Tuning pegs and a bridge are on a front face of the body, with an optional microphone pick-up and a stand at the end of the body. The neck and body are connected about a pivot set back from the face. The pivot com ...

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A pinless connector for subsea data communications comprises contactless connectivity data transmitter coupler, comprising one or more first solid state contactless connectivity data transmitters, and contactless connectivity data receiver coupler, comprising one or more first solid state contactles ...

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An apparatus for thermal cycling can transfer heat uniformly and efficiently. The apparatus can be used in a method that reduces condensation on sample wells. The apparatus can also be manufactured to provide uniform configurations. For example, a sample, illustratively for polymerase chain reaction ...