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A personal health monitor includes sensors for measuring patient weight, temperature, blood pressure, and ECG waveform. The monitor is coupled to a central unit via modems and includes a computer which is programmed to prompt a patient to take prescribed medication at prescribed times, to use the se ...

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A multi-resonant antenna is formed by a plurality of resonators which resonate at different frequencies. A feed member is coupled to the multi-resonant resonators. Disposed between and separating the resonators from the feed member is a dielectric substrate.

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A laminar antenna includes a conductive ground plane (102), a first dielectric lamina (106), a conductive exciter lamina (108), a second dielectric lamina (114), and a conductive radiator lamina (116). The radiator partially overlaps the exciter and the amount of overlap determines the input impedan ...

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A hose coupling for permanent attachment to a hose having a reinforcing braid layer intermediate inner and outer layers of rubber or plastic has an outer sleeve which is circumferentially crimped to the hose at at least four axially spaced rings. The coupling includes a smooth walled insert inside t ...

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A recirculating loop method for producing and/or using ozone is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of: supplying a gas mixture comprising oxygen and a catalyst, generating ozone from the gas mixture, and recirculating the gas mixture. In a preferred method, the method comprises the additional ...

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A charge transfer imager useful for charge summing includes a photosensitive area for producing image charge, a floating diffusion for converting the image charge to a voltage, an output register for transferring the image charge to the floating diffusion, and an output circuit including the floatin ...

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A closed inductively coupled plasma cell generates a relatively high power, low noise plasma for use in spectroscopic studies. A variety of gases can be selected to form the plasma to minimize spectroscopic interference and to provide a electron density and temperature range for the sample to be ana ...

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A clock synthesizing circuit for generating clock signals for driving a pixel-based image sensor includes a pixel rate generator that generates a master clock having a master clock frequency corresponding generally to a readout rate of the image sensor, a frequency locked loop that receives the mast ...

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Methods for producing and obtaining natural products from microbial amplification chambers are described. This approach utilizes the concept of green chemistry to synthesize and extract the marine and terrestrial natural products. The method describes techniques to colonize and grow the selected bac ...