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A cable end seal and a closure which includes the cable end seal provides a barrier for a junction against water, the junction being in a cable. First and second end seals are disposed adjacent opposite sides of the junction and palced in compression around the cable, the end seals having an outer c ...

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A plastic sheet exterior finishing panel is provided which includes an inner layer of foamed plastic material and an outer layer of non-foamed plastic material joined to the inner layer and defining a facing surface formed to convey a desired aesthetic effect. At least the outer layer includes at le ...

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A telecommunications terminal block has binding posts and caps that are a screw-fit thereon. The binding posts lie in apertures that contain a sealing material. Drop-wires are connected to the posts by inserting them through further apertures that communicate with those in which the posts lie, and t ...

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The bovine growth hormone structural gene is expressed in a suitable vehicle, e.g. a plasmid such as pBGHI, by fusing the gene in the correct orientation relative to a transcriptional initiation region in the vehicle, and inserting the vehicle into a eukaryotic host, e.g. a S. cerevisiae or E. coli. ...

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A coated wire shelf assembly capable of free standing support and collapsible to a reduced size to facilitate shipping and storage thereof. The shelf assembly includes a shelf and a pair of laterally spaced shelf supports connected by hinge joints to the shelf. Separate locking mechanisms releasably ...

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A semiconductor device comprises a semiconductor substrate of a first conductivity type, a first conductive layer formed in the semiconductor substrate using a dopant, and being of a second conductivity type, a silicon-rich nitride film formed on the first conductive layer, and a second conductive l ...

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A spring clip having a pair of jaws and a spring or biasing member interconnecting the jaws for biasing the jaws to a closed position, the spring including a support ledge defining a fulcrum for rotation of the jaws between the open and closed position independently of any separate support member.

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A toolless environmental splice enclosure capable of fitting within an aerial splice case is disclosed. The environmental closure permits sealing and reentry to a cable splice region.

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A chopping board system including a chopping board member having a first surface defined by a first perimeter edge and formed from a non-skid material and a second surface defined by a second perimeter edge and formed from a chopping board material, the chopping board member having a plurality of se ...

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Various embodiments of the invention are detection systems and methods for detecting call provenance based on call audio. An exemplary embodiment of the detection system can comprise a characterization unit, a labeling unit, and an identification unit. The characterization unit can extract various c ...