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Absorbent articles, such as disposable diapers, having two waist regions and a crotch region are provided. The absorbent articles comprise a liquid pervious topsheet, a liquid impervious backsheet, an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet, and a pair of longitudinally extend ...

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A device for cooling memory modules can include a plurality of elements. The elements can thermal couple at least two memory modules. The device can further include a body or a plurality of contact areas bearing in a planar manner.

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The present invention relates to a means of reproducibly and consistently folding the ear panels on disposable absorbent articles in order to simplify and accelerate the diaper opening process for the user, reduce the risk of potential injury to the end user and wearer caused by clipped ear panels, ...

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Disclosed is a process for an advertising bidding system in which advertisers can bid on advertising time slots or enhanced ads that can be inserted in either prerecorded or live television programming. A high degree of flexibility is provided by allowing embedded ads to be purchased and displayed i ...

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A control box (11) for a dual-fuel internal-combustion engine (6) is actuated automatically by an oil-pressure switch (16) when activated by a manual switch (30) that directs power from a battery (29) or other engine-electrical component to a current distributor such as a 24-volt bus (49) for operat ...

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A loading system for loading a cargo deck in a cargo space of an aircraft with cargo holders is proposed, in which there are provided two pairs of mounting tracks with support rollers and transverse cargo latches, a middle mounting rail for the attachment of transverse cargo latches, and rows of sid ...

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A connecting device for releasably interconnecting first and second bodies includes a housing which can be applied to a holding means, and a locking pin having a locking head which can be turned to and fro between a starting position in which the locking head can be introduced into a receiving openi ...

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Previously in a bus system, voltage signals were transmitted from the central unit to the modules, which could reply thereto by variation of the current input. A disadvantage thereby is the relatively high susceptibility to interference of the current input, which itself already must be kept relativ ...

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There are known cargo decks for aircraft that comprise floor beams or an equivalent floor substructure and floor panels, ball mats, roller tracks, or other such transport devices connected thereto for conveying and fixing in position pallets, containers or similar objects. In order to create a tight ...

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The roller drive unit displays a drive roller (1), which is drivable by a motor (3) and rotatably borne in a guide equipment (5), by which it is pivotable with respect to a base (2) between a lower rest setting and an upper rest setting over a circularly arcuate movement path. A control equipment fo ...