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A method is described for the selective deposition of bismuth based ferroelectric films by selective chemical vapor deposition on a substrate. Selectivity in the deposition process is attained by selection of substrate-precursor combinations which assure high bismuth deposition efficiency in certain ...

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A hydrogen sensor for the detection of hydrogen, e.g., in an environment susceptible to the incursion or generation of hydrogen. The sensor includes a rare earth metal thin film arranged for exposure to the environment and exhibiting a detectable change of physical property, e.g., optical transmissi ...

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A precursor composition for forming a zirconium and/or hafnium silicate film on a substrate, e.g., by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Illustrative precursor compositions include (1) a first precursor metal compound or complex including a silicon alcoxide (siloxide) ligand coordinated to a metal M, ...

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A semi-aqueous cleaning formulation useful for removing particles from semiconductor wafer substrates formed during a dry etching process for semiconductor devices, the cleaning formulation comprising a buffering system a polar organic solvent, and a fluoride source.

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Chemical vapor deposition precursors for depositing copper, silver, rhodium and iridium metals on substrates comprise ligand stabilized +1 metal beta-diketonate coordination complexes of said metals. Uses of such precursors in CVD processes are also provided.

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A chemical mechanical polishing slurry composition and method for using the slurry composition for polishing copper, barrier material and dielectric material that comprises first and second-step slurries. The first-step slurry has a high removal rate on copper and a low removal rate on barrier mater ...

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A CVD Method of forming gate dielectric thin films on a substrate using metalloamide compounds of the formula M(NR1R2)x, wherein M is selected from the group consisting of: Zr, Hf, Y, La, Lanthanide series elements, Ta, Ti, Al; N is nitrogen; each of R1 and R2 is same or different and is independent ...


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A method for removing from a microelectronic device structure a noble metal residue including at least one metal selected from the group consisting of platinum, palladium, iridium and rhodium, by contacting the microelectronic device structure with a cleaning gas including a reactive halide composit ...

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A system for storage and dispensing of a sorbate fluid, in which a sorbate fluid is sorptively retained on a sorbent medium and desorption of sorbate fluid from the sorbent medium is facilitated by inputting energy to the sorbent medium including one or more of the following energy input modes: (a) ...