Frederick W Ahrens, Thomas Gulya, Gary L Worry, Walter P Wright: Papermaking fabric, process for producing high bulk products and the products produced thereby. Asten, Volpe and Koenig P C, December 29, 1998: US05853547 (42 worldwide citation)

The present invention is an improved 7,3-broken twill, TAD fabric for use in the formation of a paper web. The present invention is also a process of using this fabric to produce a paper product having high bulk and absorbency. Finally, the present invention is the paper product produced in a TAD pr ...

Thomas Gulya, Samuel H Herring, Walter P Wright: Papermaking fabric for increasing bulk in the paper sheet. Asten, Volpe & Koenig PC, November 24, 1998: US05839479 (12 worldwide citation)

A papermaking fabric for increasing bulk in the paper sheet during forming and/or through air drying which is comprised of a system of MD filaments selectively interwoven with a system of CD filaments having at least smaller and larger filament subsets.

Thomas Gulya, Samuel H Herring, Walter P Wright: Multiplanar single layer forming fabric. Asten, Volpe and Koenig PC, September 15, 1998: US05806569 (10 worldwide citation)

A papermaking forming fabric having a single layer of machine direction filaments interwoven with smaller and larger diameter cross direction filaments, the larger diameter filaments forming a wear surface on the machine side of the fabric.