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An improved two component adhesive whereby said adhesive exhibits sag resistance on a vertical surface substantially immediately after the two components are mixed with adequate gel time for use thereof said two component adhesive being composed of a polyurethane prepolymer component and a curative ...

Roger L Streets, Thomas G Rabito, David N Peresie: Method of adhering roofing materials. Ashland Oil, Mary E Picken, February 3, 1987: US04640730 (26 worldwide citation)

This process of adhering sheet roofing materials uses a SBS block copolymer mixed with hydrocarbon resin. No primer is needed, both dry bonding with heat and wet bonding processes have good green strength.

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Improved two component adhesives allowing the components to be mixed at essentially a 1:1 ratio, giving excellent sag resistance, low viscosity, excellent handling ability and satisfactory gel time, said adhesives being composed of a prepolymer composition and a curative composition that can be mixe ...

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An improved adhesion between polyester compositions per se or metals using the isocyanate-type adhesive is obtained by first treating the surface of the polyester composition and/or metal with a first and a second treating agent without regard to sequence where the first treating agent is an organic ...

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A sealer for solid polyester composition to reduce evolution of vapors at temperature 190.degree. C. or higher for 1 hour or more and to improve the bond at these temperatures with isocyanate polyurethane adhesives, epoxy adhesive or acrylic adhesive, the sealer comprising a mixture of 100 to 1000 p ...

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A primer composition for use on fiberglass reinforced polyester substrates combining an ether type low molecular weight epoxy resin, an amino functional silane and halogenated hydrocarbon solvent.

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A polyurethane adhesive that is sandable when cured, the adhesive being the reaction product of a mixture of about one mol of a polyester polyol or polyether polyol of 2-4 hydroxyls having a molecular weight of 500 to about 3000 and 2.5 to 7 mols of isocyanate composition of a mixture of toluene dii ...

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A polyester adhesive suitable for adhering vinyl films and related materials to wood and metal, the adhesive comprising a water dispersion of a polyester of 10,000 to 30,000 molecular weight range with a carrier and emulsifier.

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A color sensitive primer comprising 100 parts of an ethylenically unsaturated elastomer; 300 to 800 parts of a phenolic resin, A or B stage; 0 to 100 parts inorganic filler; 10 to 30 parts epoxy resin; about 0.5 to 10 parts heat sensitive dye; and about 0.5 to 3 parts sulfur.