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A system used for determining and recording the location of a vehicle during the occurence of predetermined events. The vehicle is equipped with a sensor or sensors which respond to the occurrence of the predetermined events. The sensors are connected to a navigational system which receive positiona ...

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Tags capable of wirelessly transmitting unique codes when energized by radio frequency (RF) energy are used to identify a variety of different locations and objects. A portable battery-powered unit having digital storage capabilities is designed to be transported to the general location of the tagge ...

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An optoelectronic device for coupling between an external optical wave and a local optical wave. The local wave is supported by a multiplicity of electrodes and a structure associated with the electrodes. The electrodes are spaced in a substantially regular pattern and are adapted for two functions. ...

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A structure of periodically varying density is provided, that acts as a phonon resonator for phonons capable of participating in phonon-electron interactions. Specifically, a phonon resonator that is resonant for phonons of appropriate momentum to participate in indirect radiative transitions and/or ...

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An apparatus for producing an inhomogeneously polarized optical beam from a homogeneously polarized input optical beam includes a first phase shifter, a second phase shifter, and one or more polarization beam splitters. The first phase shifter shifts at least one portion of a first part of the input ...

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A system for converting the polarization state of an optical beam which propagates along a path from an initial polarization state into an inhomogeneous polarization state includes a first isotropic material and a first anisotropic material. The first anisotropic material is positioned adjacent to t ...

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A shower curtain support arm which mounts on a shower rod without inhibiting the sliding movement of the curtain, and when locked in position controls the position of the shower curtain to hold the curtain away from a bather. The shower curtain support arm is locked into position by manipulating the ...

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An optically recorded article comprising a pattern of isomerized material in two isomeric forms in a matrix, wherein one of the isomeric forms is capable of being converted to the other form by one-electron oxidation and wherein said matrix was polymerized in-situ.

Thomas G Brown III: Bicycle chain cover. Thomas G Brown III, May 28, 1996: US05520584 (7 worldwide citation)

A removable flexible chain cover assembly for enclosing the drivetrain of a bicycle during storage and transport and protecting the surroundings from contact with the grease and dirt and sharp components of the drivetrain.

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A cutter for trimming plastic pipe which has been roughed in with an end projecting through an opening in a floor so that the trimmed end is in fixed relation, above or below, the surface of the floor. The cutter comprises a housing with its lower end riding on the surface of the floor, an internal ...