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The invention relates to a light source comprising a phosphor composition and a light emitting device such as an LED or a laser diode. The phosphor composition absorbs radiation having a first spectrum and emits radiation having a second spectrum and comprises at least one of: YBO





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A flexible light sheet includes a thin substrate that allows light to pass through it, a transparent first conductor layer overlying the substrate, an array of vertical light emitting diodes (VLEDs) printed as an ink over the first conductor layer, each of the VLEDs having a bottom electrode electri ...

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A plurality of batteries is printed on a flexible substrate, where each battery may output the same voltage, such as about 1.5 volts. Batteries in a first subset are connectable in parallel by controllable switches to control the maximum current that can be delivered to a load. Batteries in a second ...

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A low pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp is provided, having a non-straight glass envelope and a plurality of rare earth phosphor layers coated inside the glass envelope. The lamp is made by coating a plurality of rare earth phosphor layers inside a straight glass tube. The tube is then formed in ...

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An electrodeless fluorescent reflector lamp includes a housing arrangement having a threaded screw base for receiving line power and a lamp envelope mounted on the housing arrangement. A ballast circuit is disposed within the housing arrangement and is effective for converting line power into an RF ...

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A compact fluorescent lamp is provided in a coiled or helical configuration in order to maximize the length of discharge tubing for a given height. A non-uniform coating of phosphor is provided on the interior surface of the discharge envelope to inhibit light otherwise directed inwardly into the la ...