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A storage catalyst includes (1) a component that has a catalytic reducing action for nitrogen oxides at least in the presence of hydrocarbons, and (2) a component that stores NOx at least at temperatures of below 100° C. The catalytically active component is of the general chemical formula A

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The invention relates to a process for removing nitrogen oxides from a gas stream containing same, which comprises passing the gas stream

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The invention relates to a method and a device for cleaning flowing gases. To reduce the total emissions, nitrogen oxides, especially NO and NOx, are extracted at least partially from the gas to be scrubbed, in the temperature range from 50 and 300° C., preferably between 50 and 150° C. To extract t ...


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A supported silver-containing catalyst for the decomposition of dinitrogen monoxide as pure gas or in admixture with other gases and having an aluminum oxide support which has a specific surface area of from 26 to 350 m.sup.2 /g, and a process for the selective catalytic decomposition of dinitrogen ...

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A reactor for the catalytic oxidation of ammonia to form nitrogen oxides which has a noble metal gauze catalyst and a heat exchanger in that order in the direction of flow, a catalyst for the decomposition of N

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NO.sub.x, where x is 1 and 2, in exhaust gases is reduced over heterogeneous catalysts with hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, hydrogen or mixtures thereof in the presence of oxygen from 100 to 650.degree. C. and an absolute pressure of from 0.5 to 50 bar by a process in which the heterogeneous catalyst ...

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A catalyst and a method for producing the catalyst, for catalytic reduction of NO.sub.x and oxidation of hydrocarbons, the catalyst comprises a zinc, copper and aluminum spinel to which, at least one element selected from palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, osmium, iridium, rhenium and/or rare ...