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A wet-laid composite, soft, bulky and absorbent paper structure is prepared from two or more layers of furnish which are preferably comprised of different fiber types. The layers are preferably formed from the deposition of separate streams of dilute fiber slurries, the fibers typically being relati ...

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Highly absorbent, pectin-containing materials from vegetable origin are disclosed. A process for preparing such materials from pectin-containing agricultural by-products is also disclosed.


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Commercially processed orange juice products, including frozen orange juice concentrates, which are closer to hand-squeezed orange juice in character are disclosed. At single-strength, these products have a viscosity of about 7 centipoise or less (at 8.degree. C.) and a titratable oil content of abo ...

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Aqueous orange stripper essences and orange stripper oils are disclosed which have high ratios of more desirable to less desirable orange flavor compounds. For the stripper essences, this ratio is from about 10:1 to about 300:1 and is based on the combined amount of ethyl acetate, ethyl butyrate and ...