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Firmware resident in electrically erasable programmable read only memory ("EEPROM") can be updated by a user while maintaining the intelligence of a computer system during the updating process by a control logic device. The control logic device decodes address and control signals to provide a hardwa ...

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Apparatus for sharing data between processors having certain incompatible data formats is provided. A configurable data path unit and an address mapping unit allow a peripheral processor to access addressable storage locations within a host processor's main memory and store data types in a format so ...

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A system and method for testing a computing system by introducing stall cycles at an arbiter that controls access to a bus that is commonly used by the CPU and I/O devices for stressing the computing system with regard to the latency and bandwidth.

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An apparatus which allows for software sharing between multiple controllers includes a computer bus and a plurality of processors each having input and output ports coupled to the bus. Each processor also has at least one internal storage register. The apparatus further includes means, which are res ...