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A data processing I/O system including a main storage for storing data and data processing instructions arranged in software programs, and a channel subsystem having hardware for reporting conditions in the channel subsystem to the software. A special Channel Subsystem Call (CHSC) instruction is use ...

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Provides a software-to-software interface and a software-to-hardware interface between software users and a hardware ADM facility (ADMF) in a data processing system. Such software user presents only virtual addresses to the software-to-software interface in a MSB list. The user list defines virtual ...

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Foaming compositions containing an alkylpolysaccharide surfactant and a cosurfactant mixture consisting essentially of an alkylbenzene sulfonate with either an alkyl glyceryl ether sulfonate, an alpha-olefice sulfonate, an alkyl polyethoxylate carboxylate or mixtures thereof.

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A computer display system, method and article of manufacture are presented allowing a user to interactively arrange two-dimensional windows for display in three dimensions on a two-dimensional display screen of the computer system. A window manager associated with the display screen is configured to ...

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A power saving cache and a method of operating a power saving cache. The power saving cache includes circuitry to dynamically reduce the logical size of the cache in order to save power. Preferably, a method is used to determine optimal cache size for balancing power and performance, using a variety ...

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Control unit level reset operations in systems having switched point-to-point I/O interface topologies is accomplished by determining and storing channel path identification numbers (CHPID's) and control unit link addresses (CULA's) for each device in the system, scanning this stored data to find de ...

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Detergent compositions with a mixture of a conventional nonionic detergent surfactant, an alkylpolysaccharide detergent surfactant, and a cationic fabric-softening/antistatic compound deposit the cationic material more effectively than prior compositions containing only the conventional nonionic det ...

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A solar panel assembly consisting essentially of a heat-collector fluid passage through which the air, for example, to be heated is passed for heating by convection and radiation. The panel comprises a ray-absorbing back or inner panel and a ray-passing diaphanous outer panel which is spaced forward ...

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A machine code builder providing improved software controlled power management is described. A machine code builder reads pre-executable code and builds machine code from the pre-executable code to maximize a duration that a resource is not required. The resource(s) not required may be user defined ...

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A switching error detection and recovery mechanism recognizes that an I/O configuration has changed. Comparing new configuration data to previous data maintained in a CDT table structure, and detecting unequal path information, an error condition is recognized. After recognizing the error condition, ...