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A surgical staple is provided having a base portion and a respective leg extending from each end of the base portion and terminating at a free end. The base portion is deformable to bring the free ends of the legs together to penetrate a liquid-carrying vessel at the site of a puncture and hold the ...

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An inventory management system automatically monitors inventory amounts, provides information concerning inventory, and decides if an order for replacement inventory should be placed. The system includes a storage for inventory, an indicator for monitoring and reporting the level of current inventor ...

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Mid-chain branched surfactants derived from mid-chain branched primary alkyl hydrophobic groups and hydrophilic groups. The present invention also relates to mixtures of mid-chain branched surfactants useful in laundry and cleaning compositions, especially granular and liquid detergent compositions.


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An active RF transponder is provided with a wake-up circuit that wakes the RF transponder from a sleep state upon detection of an RF interrogating signal. The active RF transponder includes a battery, an antenna adapted to receive RF signals from an interrogator, and electronic circuitry providing t ...

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An RF tag has an enable/disable circuit connected to a critical part of an electronic object/circuit, e.g. a computer mother board. The critical part of the circuit is any circuit component and/or connection that can enable and/or disable the electric circuit operation. Signals are sent to the tag t ...

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An apparatus, system and method for providing multiple logical partitions in a system area network are provided Logical partitioning support is provided for host channel adapters which allows multiple operating systems to share the resources of a single physical host channel adapter (HCA). The appar ...

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An integrated memory controller (IMC) which incorporates novel memory, graphics, and audio processing capabilities in a single logical unit. The IMC includes numerous significant advances which provide greatly increased performance over prior art systems. The integrated memory controller (IMC) inclu ...

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Mixtures of mid-chain branched primary alkyl sulfate surfactants useful in cleaning compositions, especially for lower water temperature applications, alone or formulated with other surfactants for the purpose of modifying the low temperature cleaning properties of the cleaning formulations. The pre ...

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A processor having two separate and relatively independent memory controllers to achieve a dual interface architecture. A first memory controller is coupled to the host interface for retrieving data and instructions and a second memory controller is coupled to an independent local bus for interfacin ...