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A portable barcode and RF ID tag reader that gathers information about items to be purchased etc by reading barcodes or RF ID tags. A store host computer gathers information about items to be purchased from the portable barcode/ID Tag readers and then the items are bagged by the customer at the chec ...

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The most likely to be used characters and controls of a soft keyboard are determined from consulting trigram tables, and enhanced and/or positioned to attract the user and to facilitate quick recognition and selection. The letters and other characters of the soft keyboard display can be arranged in ...


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An absorbent article, such as the shown diaper (10), has a front waistband portion (14), a back waistband portion (12) and an intermediate portion (16) interconnecting said front and back waistband portions. The article includes a backsheet member (30), a liquid permeable topsheet layer (28), and an ...

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Uncreped throughdried tissue sheets are mechanically treated by calendering and embossing to provide a unique combination of desirable properties to the resulting sheet, which exhibits more surface uniformity, improved softness, high bulk and absorbency.

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Real time digitization of handwritten text and integration of digital recordation of handwritten text with traditional paper-based record making systems is achieved with a recording unit which may record a sequential data stream of strokes and associated events. The data stream may be stored in the ...

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High sheet count rolls of spot-embossed, soft bathroom tissue suffer from embossing patterns becoming pressed out by the high winding tension necessary to confine the size of the roll to a diameter of about 5 inches. This size is necessary in order for such high sheet count rolls to fit within the b ...

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A circuit card module having increased cooling efficiency which comprises at least one printed wiring board (PWB), at least one component mounted on the PWB, a heatsink, an interchangeable frame, and a wedgelock for use with a chassis cold wall. One embodiment of the interchangeable frame comprises ...

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An adapter for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) circuit card modules resulting in increased cooling efficiency. COTS circuit card modules generally have at least one printed wiring board (PWB), at least one component mounted on the PWB, a heatsink or some type of heat path, a frame for supporting the ...

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Disclosed are marine antifouling compositions and/or paints containing, microorganism(s), or mixtures of hydrolytic enzyme(s) and microorganism(s), wherein the microorganism or hydrolytic enzyme reduce fouling of a surface coated by the marine antifouling composition and/or paint. Such compositions ...