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The invention is related to an aqueous ink composition comprising water, a coloring agent, and solid surfactant particles wherein said solid particles comprise a mixture of at least two surfactants with very low water solubility and with melting points between 40.degree. C. and 90.degree. C.

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A time and temperature integrating device for providing a visually observable indication of cumulative thermal exposure is disclosed comprising (a) at least two thermally sensitive image-forming areas of differing thermal sensitivity, and (b) indicating indicia in association with the thermally sens ...

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An integral image element includes at least one display control parameter that is stored in a storage mechanism located in a data code field of the integral image element. The display control parameter is read by an information reading device of a dynamic display unit that controls the display of th ...

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An article having an lenticular image formed thereon and a sound generating mechanism associated therewith for generating a sound message, the sound message being coordinated with respect to movement of the article. A mechanism for moving the lenticular image along a predetermined path may also be p ...

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The invention relates to a device for moving fluids. The invention device includes an enclosure, a solid electrolyte which can produce oxygen in the enclosure so as to distort a membrane that acts to move a fluid in an enclosure. This device is useful to produce a head for ink jet printing.

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The invention relates to an ink reservoir for ink jet printing. This reservoir includes a solid electrolyte pellet inserted in the wall of the reservoir, which conducts O

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A system and process for combining a prerecorded digital image with hand written graphic elements. The system comprises at least one computer for managing the links between the various parts of the system; at least one mechanism for supplying a prerecorded digital image to the system; and a peripher ...

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A method for exposing light sensitive material to provide exposure patches representing the material sensitivity and which minimizes the effects of intermittency of the light sensitive material, including providing a source of laser light by producing a laser light beam by a continuous wave pump las ...


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A printing device comprising a polymer element capable of switching from an initial state to a final state when subjected to an event, the initial state and the final state being selected from an hydrophilic state and an hydrophobic state provided that the initial state differs from the second state ...