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The invention concerns a prosthesis for intervertebral discs designed to be substituted for fibrocartilaginous discs ensuring connection between the vertebrae of the spinal column and its instruments for implantation.

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In an insertion instrument for a three-piece intervertebral implant that includes an upper part that can be placed against a vertebra, a lower part that can be placed against the adjacent vertebra, and a pivot element that can be inserted between these two parts, the instrument having two arms, disp ...

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An implant for replacing a removed vertebra includes an outer sleeve having a longitudinal axis and a peripheral inner surface. The inner surface has a series of axially adjoining, peripheral grooves lending the inner surface a sawtooth-shaped configuration when viewing the inner sleeve in axial sec ...

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In an intervertebral implant, having an upper part that has a support face for a vertebra and a lower part that has a support face for an adjacent vertebra, on each of which parts engagement elements, which are accessible from one side of the intervertebral implant, for a manipulation instrument are ...

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An osteosynthesis system for vertebral arthrodesis, having at least one vertebral compression or distraction bar capable of extending over a portion at least of the rachis; at least one vertebral anchoring member having an end head with a spherical surface, an intermediate shank and a vertebral anch ...

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The present invention is a cervical cage device designed to perform an intersomatic arthrodesis. It is made from a flat and elongated metal plate (1) wider in its central part (2), whose edges, except in the central part, have teeth (30, 40). The plate (1) is bent to form an open ring and the teeth ...

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The invention relates to a process and device for securing, elongating and compressing a spinal column, of simple design, which is easy and precise in use, leaving no projecting part. The process of the invention for straightening and supporting a spinal column consists in securing screwed implants ...

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The prosthesis, designed to replace a cervical disc removed due to deterioration, consists of a top plate (1) with a concave under-surface (4), and a bottom plate (2) with guide grooves (9) in its upper surface, with a core (3) between them. The core has a convex upper surface (15) to engage with th ...

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A screw device for a bone joint particularly for stabilizing at least two vertebrae includes a monobloc tubular body with a thread on its exterior, and being longitudinally grooved on its interior deep enough as to form openings at the root of the thread communicating between the exterior of the bod ...

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A spinal implant system including a spinal rod, a first clasp and a second clasp, a connecting element having a head and a shank connecting the first and second clasps, a first fastener for fastening the body of the first clasp to the spinal rod, a second fastener for fastening the shank of the conn ...