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This disclosure relates to a clip for surgical purposes comprising a coil spring having at least one loop and a pair of crossing legs. The ends of the legs which extend beyond the crossing point are formed as clamping jaws. Because the portions of the legs adjoining the loop extend generally paralle ...

Wolfhard Caspar, Theodor Lutze, Theodor Schwarz: Surgical instrument for the splaying of wound edges. Aesculap Werke Aktiengesellschaft, Kenway & Jenney, October 14, 1986: US04616635 (78 worldwide citation)

An instrument for the splaying of the edges of a wound which has at least one blade. The blade has a middle part, a rim projecting at right angles from the middle part, and a mount on which the middle part is held. The middle part has two parts movable against each other by an actuator comprising a ...

Theodor Schwarz, Karl Freyer, Manfred Theilmann: Forceps- or tweezers-shaped surgical instrument. Vormals Jetter & Scheerer Aesculap Werke Aktiengesellschaft, Kenway & Jenney, July 31, 1984: US04462404 (53 worldwide citation)

Forceps have two branches movable opposite one another against a spring force and with a lock that fixes the distance between the branches. The lock engages as the two branches approach one another and is released by closing the branches further. This locking mechanism includes a locking arm mounted ...