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Chemically-modified collagen membrane prepared at physiologic pH and soluble thereat provides a carrier for ophthalmic medication leaving no removable material after drug release.

Teruo Miyata: Collagen skin dressing. Edward J Mahler, October 13, 1981: US04294241 (109 worldwide citation)

Skin or wound dressings are prepared in gel or sheet form from enzyme-solubilized collagen and/or such chemically modified collagen. Improved sheet form dressing is prepared by tubular extrusion of such collagen gels.

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In a method of preparing an antithrombogenic medical material having a heparinized collagen as an antithrombogenic component, there is provided a method comprising the steps of fixing a protamine to a collagen through a polyepoxy compound, and heparinizing the collagen by fixing heparin to the prota ...

Teruo Miyata, Taichiro Akiyama, Masayasu Furuse: Artificial bone. Koken, Edward J Mahler, February 9, 1982: US04314380 (83 worldwide citation)

Artificial bone is prepared from animal bone treated for removal of organics, burned, baked and immersed in atelocollagen solution.

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This invention relates to a hemostatic agent used in surgical operations, which can be produced in two ways: one blending collagen/gelatin with protamine, the other blending collagen/gelatin with protamine and a bi-functional cross-linking agent so as to make said collagen/gelatin have a covalent bo ...

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A bioprosthetic valve made from a biological tissue containing collagen which has been cross-linked with a polyepoxy compound is disclosed. The valve has excellent biocompatibility and is durable and is free from calcification.

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The medical material contains heparinized collagen in which heparin has been bonded to protamine covalently fixed on collagen, and, owing to its excellent compatibility with living bodies, especially, its superb antithrombotic property, can be suitably used as a substituent material for tissues or o ...

Teruo Miyata, Kazuhiko Kodaira, Hitoshi Higashijima, Takashi Kimura, Yasuharu Noishiki: Biomaterial comprising a composite material of a chitosan derivative and collagen derivative. Katakura Chikkarin, Koken, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, May 26, 1992: US05116824 (57 worldwide citation)

A biomaterial excellent in biocompatibility comprising a composite material of an N-acylchitosan and collagen is described. This biomaterial is suitable for used as a wound dressing material, vascular prosthesis, artificial skin or hemostatic agent.

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Improved soft contact lenses are made from collagen gels to which water-soluble organic polyhydroxy polymers are added, e.g. mucopolysaccharides, polyvinyl alcohols, etc.

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An aqueous atelocollagen solution, which can be injected into living bodies as a medical material, has a pH value in the range from about 6.5 to about 8.0 and an osmolality in the range from about 250 to about 320 mOsm/KgH.sub.2 O, and contains a phosphate buffer solution, or glucose and a phosphate ...